I work with aspirational organizations who challenge convention to make a difference in the world.

A builder at heart that grew up in a garage, building motorcycles and cars from the frame up. For over a decade, he had the opportunity to help everyone from startups to international organizations, building products that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use. If you are curious about my complete career history, you can view all projects engagements here.

As Founder and Managing Director at SuperAtic ΙͺΙ΄α΄„, I led different teams between four and eleven members including financial advisors, management consultants, product managers and owners, analysts, developers and creatives. Multiple contract positions in the most amazing organizations ensured our team members development and organisational capabilities around innovation and user experience architecture. These facilitated opportunities to challenge and improve business ROI/KPI based on data analysis and integrating digital services and products through different digital platforms to achieve measurable organisational objectives. 

I very much enjoy humanising digital tools to make our everyday life easier.

Marc Orro

Key Strenghts


Making things happen by turning thoughts into action


Discovering the future fluidly, one day at a time


Taking a direction,
follow-through, and stay on track


Planning a set of actions ahead to achieve long-term objectives


Creating alternative ways to proceed and get to the goal

Featured Projects


Self-Awareness Tool supporting #MeToo Movement


Multi AppStore Self-publishing service for App Developers

Doing a job that makes a difference

Having a mutually beneficial relationship with a major corporation where I can experience a variety of roles

Myself – enjoying the freedom and flexibility to choose which organisations I work with, and under what conditions

In energy and resource efficient ways as part of an ethical organisation

Have a powerful social conscience that is central to their brand

Working for a good organization with an ethical brand – but you need to live the values of the organisation 24/7 with ‘organisational pledges’ around your carbon footprint and life choices

You will thrive in an organisation whose values mirror you own.

With loyally and commitment, he wants to belong to an organisation that shares his beliefs and has a strong sense of corporate responsibility, with ethical and environmental credentials as a top priority.

Marc value continued learning and development opportunities and to work closely with coaches and mentors. Although he expects to be fairly rewarded, as he is not motivated solely by salary and is keen to incorporate charity, social or humanitarian work in his life. He also values an environmentally friendly lifestyle and personal development benefits.


Let’s Do It Together

If you have a product idea in mind and you need some advice about design, feel free to reach out. I look forward to chatting soon.